Having lived and traveled in close to sixty countries and counting, Jonah’s joie-de-vivre is being on the road leading to fascinating places; be it searching for undiscovered, und

erwater sea mountains in the remote South Pacific, hanging out of an open door in an Argentina military plane photographing whales off Patagonia, living with Indians in the troubled Darien Jungle, or scrambling along molten lava flows of Hawaii. For Jonah, the camera not only is about capturing images but also is a means of entry to people’s lives and their surroundings.

“Breadth of View” photography by Jonah Gouin is a collection of sweeping images described as “capturing a moment in time with a spherical vision.” Gouin draws inspiration from locations, the people he meets and their unique stories. Gouin’s 720-degree photography is a unique process whereby he flattens a spherical image allowing the observer a complete breadth of view.